The Studio

In a few words, HexRoyal is:

    A rich universe focused on epic fantasy adventure.

    Strategy and rpg like gameplay in real-time.

    Explore both outerworld and innerworlds.

    Join quests, dungeons and battles alone or in multiplayer.

    Claim, build and manage your hexagon and its economy.

    Conquer and defend kingdoms against IA and players.

    Community servers and modding.

    No pay to win.

HexRoyal invites you into a fantastic, rich and diverse fantasy open world while offering a multisided adventure. Explore every corner of this universe to discover the hidden treasures, fight on many occasions to protect your loot or your life and prosper to expand your influence. Go meet the population, as the soldiers and workers you recruit will be essential to consolidate your power! Finally, confront other players and do not hesitate to take control of their base.

Outerworld / Innerworld

HexRoyal takes place in a universe which can be explored in two ways: through the Outerworld and the Innerworlds. The exterior is seen in isometric perspective and consists of a myriad of hexagons, each of which can host an Innerworld. The player can thus travel long distances very quickly and visit the different biomes at will. When he decides to go to an Innerworld, he just has to select the hex of his choice to be immersed in a microcosm full of life, which can be visited in first or third person!


Many "entities" populate the world of HexRoyal. Animals, bandits, merchants, fantastic creatures and hairy dwarves will punctuate your journey! Meeting them will allow you to gather information on local specificities, to exchange your superfluous goods or to join a quest. However, be careful because there are many enemies who lurk with hopes of robbing unsuspecting adventurers...


In order to participate in the game's economy, you will have to amass wealth by searching every corner of the map to discover abandoned treasures. Many stores filled with various exciting goods and wares will allow you to personalise your equipment as you travel the world. Your fortune can also be entrusted to the bank or exchanged for labor.


In HexRoyal you will need to manage battalions, bribe fellow travelers but also employ artisans and peasants to see your own kingdom grow. The main resources are food, minerals and wood. Whether they are raw or processed, you will easily be able to find interested merchants. You can then slowly increase your capital and manage your kingdom from anywhere on the map.


The most valuable loot is obviously the most tightly guarded. Discover the dungeons that can be found in HexRoyal and face the creatures that inhabit them. Giants, goblins, ghosts, mummies or animated statues, a multitude of souls swarm beneath your feet, ready to assail you. Your own abilities, as well as your skill to choose appropriate fighters for each enemy type, will determine the outcome of fights.

City Builder

An army, workers, resources... you need your own land! Take control of one of the Outerworld's hexes and build your kingdom. Order that a fort be built, and a village will develop around it. Key buildings will allow you to obtain specific improvements for your soldiers, loggers or miners, while substantial taxes will fill your crates regularly. Defending your kingdom against other players is essential; do not forget to leave some battalions guarding the kingdom in your absence!


HexRoyal can be enjoyed as a solitary adventure, a fantasy universe in which to dive without restraint! Nevertheless, we offer a very rich multiplayer experience. Cooperate against enemies or face your friends online on our dedicated or community servers. Reveal the strategist in you by provoking the other players in singular combat, during random meetings or by confronting them at the gates of their kingdom! Will you be able to face all these battles?


HexRoyal is a game designed for gamers, by gamers. Extending the gaming experience by designing unique content, out of your imagination, seems essential to us. The fantasy universe we have sketched is ready for all digressions! We will be happy to accompany the community in its first steps on Unreal Engine to supply the Steam Workshop HexRoyal...